What Indoor Grill Produces The Best Grill Flavor?

If you are considering purchasing an indoor grill, one of the most important aspects to think about is flavor. Many people are afraid to buy an electric grill because they think that the device will not be able to produce a true grill flavor. However, there are several models that can produce a very authentic barbeque taste. Let's quickly look at three different models that can give you the right taste that you're looking for.

George Foreman G

George Foreman GRP90WGR G5 Electric Grill With 5 Removable Plates

The George Foreman G5 is a great grill on many levels. First of all, it comes with five removable plates so you can make all kinds of different foods using it. It is a great choice if you are concerned with capturing a true barbecue flavor. The secret behind the flavor it produces is its design. It is a contact grill so it cooks your food on the top as well as the bottom. This is a higher quality grill that is capable of producing a very high heat, so it imitates the taste of a traditional barbeque grill very well.

Dimplex Metro

Dimplex Metro PBQ-120-METRO Tabletop Grill

The Dimplex Metro is a tabletop grill that resembles a traditional barbeque grill. It has a lid that closes over your food while it is cooking. Because of this, the heat is able to stay inside and circulate through your food. This is the secret behind its ability to create a true barbeque taste. Best of all, it has a very large grilling surface, so you can make all kinds of food at the same time. Even though it has a large surface, it is still compact enough to sit on your table or countertop.

Breville Smart Grill

Breville Smart Grill BGR-820XL

The Breville Smart Grill is one of the highest quality indoor grills on the market today. It uses a special technology that senses cold spots on the grilling surface. When it senses a cold spot, it automatically shoots heat to that specific point to make sure that your food is cooked thoroughly and evenly. Because your food cooks so evenly, it has a taste that is very close to a traditional barbecue flavor. The only problem with the Breville Smart Grill is that it is one of the more expensive devices out there.

Besides these three indoor grills, you might find that a larger electric grill would suit your needs. There are a number of very large electric grills that can be used outside just like a traditional barbecue. Their design that is very similar to a charcoal or gas grill, so the taste ends up being very close to that. Either way, make sure that you do your research before you make any purchases to ensure that you choose the best grill for you.