Indoor Grills - How Much Do They Cost and Where Can I Buy Them?

Cooking with indoor grills is a great way to bring barbecuing inside. You can prepare all kinds of food from the comfort of your kitchen no matter what the weather is like. But, you might be wondering how much you should expect to pay and where you can buy an indoor grill that will suit your needs.

The cost that you should expect will vary depending on what features your grill will have. One of the biggest factors that affects cost is the size of the grilling surface. Most standard indoor grills will have a grilling surface of about 32 square inches to around 60 square inches. You should be able to pick up a grill of this size for less than $70 if you know where to shop.

If you want something larger, the cost will go up. There are some indoor grills that have grilling surfaces of around 200 square inches which is plenty of room to prepare food for an entire family. A grill of this size might cost you around $150.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper, there are very basic George Foreman grills that have a grilling surface of about 40 square inches and cost less than $40. In fact, there are a few George Foreman models that provide enough room to prepare food for two people and cost just around $20. Of course, you should not limit yourself just to George Foreman grills even though they are usually considered the best.

There are still other grills that have features that you probably wouldn't expect like the Breville Smart Grill which has a internal monitor that keeps the grilling surface at a constant temperature -- the grill actually recognizes any cold spots on the surface and automatically shoots heat to that specific spot to keep your food thoroughly and evenly cooked. There are also some grills that are made to be used indoors and outdoors. Typically, grills that have features like this will cost more.

Where Can You Buy The Right Indoor Grill?

You can buy indoor grills at most department stores like Wal-Mart or Target. Just jump to the small appliance section or the kitchen area and you should be able to see a pretty good selection. However, most people find that shopping online at retail websites like provides an easier shopping experience as well as more selection and lower prices.

If you shop online, you can compare the technical specifications of several different grills at one time. Plus, you can compare prices without going from store to store. After you make your purchase, your grill can be shipped directly to your house within just a few days so you do not have to wait long.

So in conclusion, it is difficult to narrow down a specific price range that you should expect because so many different grills have different features that affect their cost. However, if you need a grill for just two people, you should expect to spend around $50 if you shop online. If you need a grill that can prepare food for an entire family, you should expect to spend around $90 or a bit more if you shop online. If you're not a big fan of making purchases online, you will probably end up spending a little bit more in a department store.

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