Indoor Grill Steak Preparation - The Easy Way

Indoor grill steak preparation

One of the best things about using an electric grill is that you can create great tasting barbequed food in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you want to make a perfectly cooked steak with one of these devices, believe me, indoor grill steak preparation is not too difficult at all. There are just a few simple steps that you need to follow and you can make a wonderful tasting steak in less time than you think.

1. Choose a cut of meat that is appropriate for your indoor grill

The first mistake that a lot of people make is choosing a cut of meat that is too thick for their indoor grill. If you have a folding contact grill with two heating surfaces that close like a clam, you could probably safely cook a steak that is thicker than 1/2 inch. However, you would not want to use a steak that is less than 1/4 inch, because two heating surfaces might produce too much heat - which could burn your steak. If you have an open grill with only one heating surface, you can choose just about any cut of meat and adjust your cooking time accordingly.

2. Don't be afraid of marinade

One of the best things about indoor grill steak preparation is that your steak can be incredibly juicy with marinade. So, throw some spices, red wine and steak seasoning into a zip lock bag and then place your steak into the bag. Carefully push out as much air is you can and then seal up the zip lock. Throw this into the refrigerator and let your steak marinate for a good few hours - overnight is even better. When you pull out the steak to prepare it, the direct heat from the indoor grill will allow the marinade to create a great tasting sear on the meat.

Indoor grill steak preparation

3. Pay attention to cooking time

Here is where most people get a little bit nervous with indoor grill steak preparation. They just aren't sure of how long they should cook the meat. Keep in mind that every indoor grill is different, so you should check your owner's manual or the recipe guide that came with your grill to see how long you should be cooking the meat. Usually, most grills will come with a recipe book that has been specifically created for that grill. This is the best way to get a specific cooking time.

However, if you don't have your recipe book you can always use a meat thermometer. If you want your steak to be cooked rare, then the center should reach a temperature of about 110 degrees. Medium rare is about 120 degrees, medium is a around 130 degrees and well done is about 140 degrees.

Average time will vary, but for an approximation, a thinner steak of less than 1/2 inch will probably take about 20 minutes. A thicker steak larger than 1/2 inch could take anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes to prepare.

4. Allow it to sit before serving

You should never cut into a steak right after you take it off of the grill. Allow it to sit for three or four minutes. This will give it time to cool down so you don't burn your tongue and it will also allow the juices to come out of the center of the steak and finish off the flavor.

Indoor grill steak preparation is not difficult at all. However, you need to be careful and follow these instructions closely. Try a few different marinade recipes to discover which one works best with your grill and hits your taste buds the right way.

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