George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill Review

George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill

When I started looking around for a versatile indoor grill, I came up with a lot of options that were out of my price range. I wanted to find a grill that had some power and versatility. I was looking for a grill that would give me removeable grill plates or inserts that would allow me to make things like waffles or muffins, but I could not find one for less than $150.

That is, until I found the George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill. Its versatility is on par with the George Foreman G5 that costs about twice as much. It has a relatively large cooking area and an expansive library of grilling plate inserts so you can prepare all kinds of food.

What drew me to the George Foreman GRP4EMB?

There are a few features on this grill that you can't find on any other device in its price range. I know that it kind of sounds strange but I think of the Evolve Grill as a moderately priced 'luxury grill'.

Grilling Inserts For More Food Options

George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill

This is a feature that I have never seen on an indoor grill that costs less than $150 -- inserts that let you make different types of food. Yes, we all know that most indoor grills come with a flat surface to prepare things like hamburgers and steaks. But, the Evolve Grill lets you prepare a ton of different foods because it comes with the two grilling surfaces that you would expect, but also allows you to use specially designed grilling inserts that sit on top of the cooking surface. It comes with two inserts, one that allows you to make cupcakes and muffins and another insert that is shaped like a pan so you can prepare lasagna, casseroles or anything else that you might bake.

This feature really makes the grill work like a oven and a stove. Plus, the grilling inserts are very easy to use. You simply snap them into place and snap them off when you're done.

You can even upgrade your options by purchasing other insert sets which are sold separately. You can get a waffle plates set (which obviously allows you to make waffles), a griddle pan, an omelet and snack plate set or a mini-burger insert so you can make sliders right in your grill. In my opinion, this is the best feature that really makes this grill a good choice.

An accurate digital display

Here's another feature that you would only expect on more expensive grills. A digital display shows you time and temperature controls so you know that you are cooking your food at the perfect temperature. Most grills that are as inexpensive as the George Foreman Evolve Grill use a confusing system of lights to tell you when the grilling surface is hot enough to prepare your food.

The digital display is a simple way to know when the grilling surface has reached the correct temperature and how long your food has been cooking for. It makes the entire cooking process very straightforward and simple.

Slanted design knocks out the fat

When the original George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine came out years ago, its main selling point was the slanted design that causes the fat and oil from your food to drip down to the bottom of the grill and collect in a removable cup.

This grill has maintained that slanted design so nasty fat is still 'knocked out' of your food. You can adjust the grill to get the exact slant that you want. When you're done using the grill, just remove the collection cup and take a look at all the fat that could have ended up in your food if you used another grill.

An easy cleanup in the dishwasher

Tons of people avoid buying indoor grills because they can be hard to clean up. With an outdoor grill, you simply wipe the grease and oil off of the rack -- if it stays a little bit dirty it's not a big deal because the grill is outside. But, indoor grills need to be kept clean since they usually sit on your kitchen counter. The GRP4EMB solves this problem because the grilling surfaces and the grilling inserts are dishwasher safe.

After you are done using the grill, just use the included spatula to lightly scrape off leftover grease into the collection cup, snap off the grilling surfaces and throw them into the dishwasher. Believe me when I say this makes a huge difference. When you have a grill that cleans up this easily, you'll find yourself using your indoor grill two or three times as much!

Is there a warranty?

This George Foreman grill comes with a two year limited warranty, so you know that it isn't some shoddy piece of equipment that will break down after a few uses.

Are there any complaints?

Of course, you can't please everyone and there are just a few complaints about this grill. One that I have seen a few times is that the nonstick coating on the grilling surface is a bit thin. So, to make your nonstick coating last for years to come, take care not to scrape too hard during cleanup.

Others have also commented on the fact that the product does not come with a large cookbook like some other indoor grills do. However, there are a large number of grilling recipes available for free on the internet and there are even some cookbooks specifically written for use with indoor grills.

What are customers saying?

The George Foreman Evolve Grill has some very positive reviews around the net. Here are some comments from other reviews written by people who have used this grill.

Where can you buy your own?

The George Foreman GRP4EMB Evolve Grill is available in several different places online and off. You could shop at department stores, but many of them don't carry a wide enough selection to include the Evolve Grill. We have always been partial to because they offer this grill at a huge discount and you could even get Free Super Saver Shipping.

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Summary of reviews

After reading through a lot of reviews about this grill and doing my own research, I can say that I am impressed with the features of the Evolve -- especially at this price. Things like eight digital display and removable grilling plates are not something that you usually find on a grill that is $100 or less.

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