Best large Indoor Grill On The Market

Large indoor grill

When people search for an indoor grill, they often think about only the quality of the food that it makes. Obviously, this is a very important factor when you're making the decision about which grill to buy. But, you should also think about size. If you have a large family, then you will need a large indoor grill. Even the highest quality small electric grill will do you no good. So, your options are trimmed down quite a bit.

For our purposes, we will assume that 200 square inches of grilling surface is plenty of room to prepare enough food for your family. You have to be cooking for a very large amount of people to need more space than this. 200 square inches is about enough room to prepare two small steaks, two chicken breasts, two hamburger patties and three or four shish kabobs along with a good amount of vegetables like asparagus or squash - all at the same time. If you need more room than this, you'll probably want to look at something like an electric outdoor grill.

So, which one is the best? It is difficult to say, but there are a few products that really stand out when you're looking for a large indoor grill. The first one that you should take a look at is the Breville Smart Grill. It has a massive 260 square inches of grilling surface, so you can prepare a whole slew of steaks or hamburgers at the same time. It also uses smart heating technology that senses cold spots and corrects them.

For example, when the grill is ready to prepare your food and you put cold meat on to the grilling plate, the grill actually senses the cold spot and shoots extra amounts of heat to that spot to even out the entire surface. It is a great way to ensure that large amounts of food are all cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Large indoor grill

Another great choice would be the Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Express. It boasts 216 square inches of grilling surface which makes it a very large indoor grill. It's plenty of room to prepare six or eight hamburgers at once without any trouble. It also has the advantage of being much less expensive than the Breville Smart Grill. It has 1400 watts of cooking power so it heats up very quickly and is able to cook large amounts of food at the same time without problems. It also uses a removable drip tray and the grilling plates are dishwasher safe.

The final recommendation that I would say you should take a look at would be the Sanyo HPS-SG4. Sanyo has a large product line of indoor grills, but the SG4 is one of the larger products that they manufacture. It gives you 200 square inches of grilling surface which is enough room to feed a family of four pretty easily. Plus, while 2/3 of grilling surface utilizes a normal ribbed grilling plate, the final third is actually a griddle. So, you can prepare several different types of food at once. The SG4 is also not as expensive as the Breville Smart Grill.

Large indoor grill

In conclusion, if you want the utmost quality that you can find in a large indoor grill, I would definitely suggest that you check out the Smart Grill. However, if you're looking for a good deal on a grill with a lot of features, take a look at the Hamilton Beach Meal Maker Express. Finally, if you want quality and flexibility at a very good price, check out our Sanyo HPS-SG4 indoor grill review.