What Type Of Steak Can I Use For Indoor Grilling?

One of the foods I like to cook on the grill is a thick juicy steak. There is just nothing like using your favorite marinade and grilling up a T-bone or other type of steak on a hot grill. But what type of steak can you use for indoor grilling? Do I need to choose only certain kinds of meat?

Well, you can rest easy in knowing that you can grill any type of steak on your indoor electric grill. From a tasty ribeye or NY strip to a thick fillet mignon. Grills such as the Breville Smart Grill or the Sanyo indoor grills among others, will work very well. You'll also be able to get those nice grill marks like you do on an outdoor grill.

One tip I'd throw in here is to try marinating your steaks overnight if possible. The extra time gives them a wonderful flavor that is hard to get when you only marinate them for a short time while getting the grill hot.

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