What To Look For In An Indoor Grill

Indoor grills are more popular today than ever before as people look for easier and faster ways of cooking their favorite foods without the hassle. Many prefer the unique ability to grill year round inside their home, while others enjoy the quick and easy cooking of a folding contact grill.

Before looking for any electric grill it is important to understand the types of indoor grills you can choose from.

Open Grills are basically just like your outdoor barbeque grill. You have an open grilling surface that can be both ribbed on one side and flat like a griddle on the other. These grills use a heating element to heat the grill and make cooking foods the same as you would on an outdoor grill. Smoke is virtually eliminated by the use of a water filled drip pan. It catches the drained fats and prevents the smoke from filling your kitchen.

The second type of electric indoor grills is the folding contact grills. The lid closes and cooks both surfaces of your food at the same time. Advantages include being able to cook much quicker, not having to flip your foods over as they cook on both sides simultaneously and require less attention from the cook.

As an indoor grill, both styles work well and make a great addition to any kitchen. Regardless of the type of electric grill you are looking for both types of grills can be used indoors and may produce a small amount of smoke. There are certain models of both styles specially made to reduce the amount of smoke, but it’s important to remember both grills produce such a small amount of smoke that doesn’t bother most people.

What can you grill on your indoor grill? Most anything you would on an outside grill. On a contact grill you cook the top and the bottom of food simultaneously and an open grill works better to prepare vegetables and beans. If you want to prepare thick juicy steaks, chicken breasts and other types of foods, then higher watts is something you will want to factor into your buying decision. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage in an indoor grill means the hotter it will get. Grills with 1500 watts or more can grill hotter and more evenly than those with only 1000 watts.

There are mixed opinions regarding cleanup between the two grill styles. Some will argue that a contact grill is more difficult to clean because it uses two grilling surfaces that both require attention. Others will say an open grill is more difficult to clean because the cooking grid usually has more nooks and crannies. A great advantage of a contact grill is that many models have removable grilling surfaces that are dishwasher safe.

Overall, an open grill is more appropriate for someone who likes to recreate a traditional grilling experience or prepare a larger variety of foods. Look into using a contact grill if you are worried about preparation time or you enjoy pressed sandwiches.