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West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill Review

West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill

Having a way to not only barbeque indoors all year round, but also be able to eat healthier cooked foods is not always easy to find. But the West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill was designed to just that and more. Here's a full review of this West Bend indoor grill so you can decide if it is right for you or not.

West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill Features And Specs

  • Easy assembly

  • Adjustable heat control with 1500 watts of power

  • Double-sided grill with ribbed and flat surfaces

  • Large 15 x 11 inch non-stick surface

  • Glass lid

  • Heat-resistant handles

  • Virtually smokeless

  • Grill and drip tray are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

  • Power indicator light on heat control

  • 1-Year warranty

West Bend 6111 Price

West Bend Indoor Grill Full Review

Easy Assembly

One of the nice things with this West Bend indoor electric grill is how easy it is to take it out of the box and begin cooking with it. Assembly is simple enough for anyone to accomplish and only requires a Phillips screwdriver.

All that is needed is to screw in the included screw into the lid and that's basically it. Place the drip pan and the grilling surface onto the base, plug in the power cord and you're only minutes away from grilling those great tasting steaks, burgers and vegetables.

Adjustable Heat Controls

The 1500 watt heater features a heating control that can be set on one of the 4 automatic settings of Lo-250 Med-325 Hi-375 or on the warm setting of 180. In addition, you can choose to set the temperature control in between any of the different settings for a more customized range for cooking different foods. This gives you a wide variety of heat ranges that many indoor barbeque grills simply do not offer.

There's also a heat indicator light that lets you know when the grill is ready for use at the desired temperature level you've selected.

Double-Sided Grill With Ribbed And Flat Surfaces

West Bend made this Heart Smart grill even more useful by providing a double sided grilling surface. On one side you have the ribbed surface for authentic barbeque grilling of steaks, chops and more, while on the other side you can have a surface to cook everything from eggs to pancakes and anything else you can think of.

Large 15 x 11 Inch Non-Stick Surface 

The grilling surface on this West Bend 6111 is large enough to cook breakfast, lunch or dinner for the entire family at one time. It measures 15 x 11 inches and has a completely non-stick surface. Not only will you not have to use as much oil for cooking, but this makes it easier to clean afterwards.

Glass Lid

You'll find a convenient glass lid with this grill that is nice for covering up your food while cooking, yet being able to quickly and easily see how it is doing. It's also great for keeping your foods covered while warming them as well.

Heat-Resistant Handles 

No one wants to get burned, yet that is what happens with indoor grills that do not have heat resistant handles. West Bend adds heat resistant cool-touch handles to this model to eliminate touching hot handles when moving the grill.

Virtually Smokeless 

As you know, barbequing any type of food can create smoke from time to time. But West Bend has reduced the smoke by adding on a water pan that you fill with water. Smoke from the grill goes through the water pan and is virtually eliminated by the water. It's a nice feature that does a good job.

Grill And Water Tray Are Dishwasher Safe 

Clean up from grilling can time consuming and not so friendly process. The good thing is that both the grilling surface and the water tray are dishwasher safe. Even if you do not have a dishwasher the non-stick surface is so easy to cleanup after that it takes very little effort to accomplish.

Power Indicator Light

Knowing when the grill is heated to the temperature you've selected is vital in cooking any kind of food, and this West Bend indoor grill includes a power indicator light to let you know when the temperature has reached the desired level you've selected.

1-Year Warranty

West Bend features a full one-year warranty on this Heart Smart 6111 grill.

Summary of Reviews

Using this West Bend grill is easy for anyone, and foods come out tasting great. One point I really like is that it doesn't produce the smoke like many other grills tend to produce. That's really nice for indoor use.

The grill surface is easy to clean and cooks foods evenly for more consistent grilling. Having a one year warranty gives you added peace of mind in the event something goes wrong.

Reviews from other users on Amazon have been very positive. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating which is excellent for any kind of product. Users have commented on how well this Heart Smart Grill operates and what a good value it is.

"I have used this grill with great pleasure. It's large enough to hold enough food for 4 servings, plus the griddle comes in handy for toasting buns and such. I haven't had it smoke at all. It grills just like outdoors, including the grill marks. And I can have something grilled and on the table fast...." Patricia G.

"I bought the Wesbend Heart Smart grill about a month ago now. I've used it about three times a week for the past month and have been extremely satisfied with it. It does not make any smoke and is just like an outdoor BBQ. The meat is very moist and juicy and vegetables also come out excellent. It's very easy to clean and I just put the grill in the dishwasher when it's dirty..." Shaun A.

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We like this West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill a lot. It has all of the features you want in an indoor grill, and it does a good job in cooking all types of meats, seafood, vegetables and more. Based on our own research and the overall consensus of online users, we give this grill a 5 star rating and highly recommend it for indoor grilling.

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