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Waring Pro HDG100 Hot Dog Griller Review

Waring Pro HDG100 Hot Dog Griller

Whether it is a kids house party, or just a fun afternoon watching the game with family and friends, hot dogs help make the time that much more fun and enjoyable. And the Waring Pro HDG100 Hot Dog Griller helps make the task as easy as it gets.  

The 200 watt heater will cook up 6 regular sized hot dogs in only 7-8 minutes. You can also cook sausage, kielbasa, brats, and more with this versatile appliance. The non-stick rollers continuously turn the hot dogs just like you find at the game or in the convenience stores.

Price Range

The Waring Pro Hot Dog Grill ranges in price from $40 - $65.

Who Is This Hot Dog Griller For?

Waring has designed the HDG100 hot dog griller for families, kids and anyone who loves the taste of grilled hot dogs and other types of brats, sausage and more.

Waring Hot Dog Grill


  • Very easy to use - even for the kids

  • Hands free operation - simply place the hot dogs on the rollers and turn it on

  • Hot dogs are fully cooked in only 8 minutes

  • Quick and easy to clean


  • Cooks 6 hot dogs at one time.


Waring provides a full one-year limited warranty on the HDG 100 hot dog grill.
What Are Actual Users Saying?

Reviews from actual users online have been very positive overall. A sample of the many reviews on include:

"Perfect for our small family."

"The hot dogs were so good, we were eathing them for breakfast."

"It is so easy to use, the kids can do it on their own."

"It cooks hotdogs to PERFECTION!! I have also used it to cook sausage links, large sausages, and brats!"

"Its easy to use and easy to clean. 6 perfectly grilled hotdogs in just 8 minutes! I love it."

Where Can You Find It?

Finding this Waring hot dog grill in stores can be difficult. The place I've found that consistently has it in stock, and offers the lowest price as well, is

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