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Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Burner Hot Plate Review

Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Burner Hot Plate

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you needed more heat for a meal you were cooking? Or perhaps you're camping or in an RV and could use a hot plate for cooking? The Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Burner hot plate was designed for this and many other uses as well.

With two cast iron burner plates and 1800 watts of cooking power, there is nothing you can't cook on this electric hot plate. Warm any kind of food, boil water, and do anything else in between with this Waring double burner hot plate.

Dual individual temp controls allow you to set the heat exactly as you need. And what I noticed right away was that the plates heated evenly and the temperature stayed at a constant level.

Price Range

You will find the Waring DB60 Hot Plate ranging in price from between $80 - $129.

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  • Simple design with quality construction
  • Adjustable temperature controls for warming to boiling
  • Cast iron burners heat evenly and consistently


  • Burners take a few extra minutes to warm up


The Waring Pro DB60 hot plate comes with a full 1-year limited warranty.


It will not take long for you to get a good idea of what other users think of the Waring DB60 hot plate. Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Here is a sample of what they have been saying:

"This portable burner is very well made."
"I can't begin to say how THRILLED I am with this unit."
"What a nice find. It is very well built and functions perfectly."
"I did a careful review of similar products before making this purchase and I'm glad I did. This unit is excellent!"
"I'm very happy with this two-burner portable."

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Where Can You Find It?

This Waring Pro DB60 hot plate is not found in many retail stores, but you can find it online at and other stores. Amazon is currently offering this hot plate at a large discounted price, and you can also get free shipping in addition.

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