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Top 10 Best Indoor Grills

We get a lot of emails asking about which electric indoor grills, griddles and smokers are the best models to buy. So I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of the top 10 indoor grills.

A couple of quick thoughts before getting started. First, you can get the full detailed review on each one of these indoor electric grills by clicking here: Indoor Grill Reviews

The other thing is that this list is not numbered from 10 to 1 or anything like that. To be honest, each one of the grills on this list are well worth having. They all have their own unique features, but they all do a good job of helping you cooking great tasting meals.

Breville BGR 820XL Smart Grill

I have to admit, this Breville Smart Grill is one of my personal favorites. With a 260 square inch grilling surface and 1800 watts of power, there really is nothing this indoor grill can't cook up. You can use it as a contact grill and panini press, or unfold it and use it as an indoor barbeque grill. With its large size and many options, this Breville grill is ideal for families or those who like host dinner parties and other get together events.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor Outdoor Grill

No top 10 list could be without a couple of George Foreman grills. This GGR50B grill brings the feel of an outdoor barbeque right inside your kitchen, but without the smoke. This 17 inch wide grill has 240 square inches of grill space, which is room enough for a big family to have all the food they want to cook at one time. This grill can also be lifted off its stand and used on the countertop as well. If you live in an apartment, condo or home where you can't have an outdoor barbeque grill, this George Foreman grill is a solid alternative.

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Grill

The Sanyo HPS-SG3 grill incorporates some really nice features into an authentic indoor barbeque grill. There is a large 200 square inch grilling surface to go along with 1300 watts of power. That is enough to reach temperatures of up to 425 degrees. Fill the drip pan base with a cup of water and you will not have smoke coming up from the food on the grill. Cool touch handles are a nice safety feature as well.

Cuisinart GR-4N 5-In-1 Griddler

This Cuisinart Griddler is another favorite of mine. The 5 in 1 functionality of this grill lets you use one appliance to cook so many different types of meats and vegetables. You can use it as a grill, griddle, panini press, half grill/half griddle or as a contact grill. You'll also find 200 square inches of cooking space and 1500 watts of power that combine to make this indoor grill a hit among users everywhere. To top it off, this Cuisinart grill comes with a 3 year warranty.

Swissmar KF-77081 Raclette Party Grill

This Swissmar Raclette Party Grill is one of the most unique and fun to use grills to make the top 10 list. It is a wonderful addition if you host dinner parties or other types of gatherings with family and friends and you want to do something fun and exciting. The grill itself comes with a granite stone, 8 sets of raclette dishes and spatulas, as well as a recipe guide. It is sure to turn your next dinner party into one that has everyone talking about how much fun they had.

Hamilton Beach 25325 MealMaker Express Grill

It could be easy to overlook this grill among the many different choices of indoor grills, but that could be a mistake. This model features a nice clean design, and has over 200 square inches of grilling surface to go with 1400 watts of heating power. It heats up in only 5 minutes and is dishwasher safe for easier cleaning. Top it off with a 2-year warranty and it is easy to see how this grill is a hit among other users.

West Bend 6111 Heart Smart Indoor Grill

The West Bend 6111 Heart Smart grill makes our top 10 list for several reasons. It can be used as both a grill and a griddle due to its reversible grill plates. The 1500 watts of heating power is enough to reach temperatures well over 375 degrees. Smoke is not an issue with the built in water pan, and the glass lid helps maintain heat and keep foods warm before serving. Overall, West Bend has put together a nice indoor grill for family use.

George Foreman GRP90WGR G5 Electric Grill

One of the better Foreman grills out today is this George Foreman GRP90WGR Grill. Although it does not have the larger grilling surfaces of all the other grills in our top 10 list, it does have all the accessories you need to cook just about any type of food you would like. You'll find 2 grill plates, a griddle plate and 2 waffle plates, to go along with 2 drip pans and spatulas. All of it is dishwasher safe and very easy to interchange.

Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Barbeque Grill And Griddle

The Sanyo HPS-SG4 is another quality indoor electric grill that users love. And why not, with 200 square inches of non-stick grill surface and adjustable temp controls, it makes it easy to cook enough food for the entire family. The water pan makes for smokeless indoor grilling, and you have the option to use it as a grill or a griddle.

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

This Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Grill is one that just doesn't seem to get the attention as some of the other big name brands. That's too bad, because as electric grills go, this one is a good choice. It is very easy to use and works very well for grilling steaks, burgers, fish, veggies and much more. Its smaller size is great small family's and singles. It also makes for easy, out of the way storage.


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