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Swissmar KF-77081 Raclette Party Grill With Granite Stone Review

Swissmar KF-77081 Raclette Party Grill

One of the more unique and fun to use indoor grills I've found has to be the Swissmar KF-77081 8-Person Raclette Party Grill. If you host any kind of dinner parties in your home, you are in for a real treat with this grill. Even if you don't, this is still a grill you'll likely enjoy finding out more about.

The Raclette is a Switzerland tradition, which is where this grill originates. The grill includes 8 unique small grilling pans to melt cheeses for your dishes or cook smaller items on top of the hot plate, as well as granite stone to cook meats, vegetables and all other types of foods.

What the Swiss do with a "Raclette party" is that everyone cooks their own foods on the individual grill pans, and the meats, peppers, mushrooms and other larger pieces are cooked on the stone. Once everything is cooked, they put it on the table and everyone then helps themselves to it. It's simply a lot of fun and makes for a very unique and exciting dinner party.

There's a lot going on with this indoor grill that you'll want to know more about. Here's a look at a quick video on how this grill works, as well as some of the possibilities you can use it for:

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Swissmar KF-77081 Raclette Party Grill Features And Specs

  • Easy to set up and cook with

  • Stainless steel raclette

  • 1200 watt heating power

  • 8 cool-touch heat resistant grilling spatulas

  • 8 raclette dishes

  • Granite stone grilling top

  • Dishwasher safe parts

  • Includes party recipe book

  • 1-year warranty

Swissmar Raclette Party Grill Price

Swissmar Raclette Party Grill Review

Easy To Use And Set Up

Setting up this raclette party grill is quick and easy. The hot plate sits on top of the base, the granite stone attaches to the support handles and sits over the hot plate. Plug in the heat control to your power outlet and you're ready to go. It's that quick to get started.

Swissmar Indoor Grill

Stainless Steel Raclette

I really like the fact that the raclette is made of stainless-steel. It's built strong and durable for years to come, and the stainless makes for simple cleanup.

1200 Watt Heating Power

A major area to look for in any indoor grill is the heating power. Does it have enough? This Swissmar indoor grill has plenty to go around with its 1200 watt heating power. The controls are easy to use and can be adjusted to a multitude of settings for whatever kinds of foods you want to cook.

8 Cool-Touch Heat Resistant Grilling Spatulas

Safety is another factor to take into consideration with indoor grills. What is nice about this model is that it not only has cool-touch handles on the base of the unit, but each of the 8 raclette grilling spatulas also have cool-touch handles for increased safety.

8 Raclette Dishes

Also included with this party grill are 8 raclette dishes to hold foods.

Granite Stone Grilling Top

One of my favorite parts to this grill is the granite stone top. It doesn't take as long as you might think to heat up, and does it ever cook some great tasting foods. You can cook anything on top of it. From pancakes and eggs to steaks and everything else in between. It's really something you need to experience to fully appreciate.

Dishwasher Safe Parts

All of the dishes, spatulas and reversible grill top can go into your dishwasher for fast and easy cleanup. The stainless steel base wipes down easily, and the granite stone top also cleans up quickly without the hassles of sticking foods. I'm all for hassle free cleanup.

Swissmar Raclette Recipe Guide

Includes Party Recipe Book

Swissmar also includes a handy raclette recipe booklet with their grill that has some fantastic recipes you'll find helpful for that next dinner party.

1-Year Warranty

Swissmar backs up the quality and performance of their grill with a full one-year warranty.

Summary of Reviews

To say this Swissmar Raclette Party Grill is a lot of fun to use is an understatement. No, it is not for everyone by any stretch, but if you do any kind of entertaining at all you should give this grill a try.

The grill heats up nicely and the spatulas are easy to use. I really like the granite stone top. It's amazing at what all you can cook on top of it.

Reviews on Amazon have been overwhelmingly positive. It carries a 5 out of 5 star rating, which says it all right there. Comments from users have said how much fun and easy the grill is to use, as well as how versatile it is.

"This is the second raclette i've owned and this one far exceeded my expectations! The stone is solid with a small drain that goes completely around it to capture the juice from meats and is extremely easy to clean after it's cooled down..." George G.

"Great seervice and great grill! Have used the granite top
to brown sausages, as well as to keep potatoes hot for serving..." Barberini

(Read More Amazon Reviews Here)


As I mentioned above, while this grill is not as "mainstream" per se, it is a wonderful party grill for using when hosting all different kinds of party's in your home. It works great and Swissmar has put a lot of quality into this model. We give it a 5 star rating and highly recommend it.

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