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Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Barbeque Grill Review

Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Barbeque Grill

The Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Barbeque Grill is the big brother to the smaller, and popular, Sanyo SG2. It has a larger grill surface (200 sq. in. compared to 120 sq. in., as well as other features)

The Sanyo grill allows you to enjoy your favorite grill-cooked foods all year round, whether at home, in the RV, or at the campground. Having the ability to grill steaks, chicken, burgers, vegetables and more is great for the entire family, but is this Sanyo indoor grill up to the task? Here's a detailed review.

Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Grill Features And Specs

  • Quick and easy assembly

  • Powerful 1300-watt heating element

  • Adjustable temperature control

  • Large 12 x 17 inch cooking surface (200 sq. in.)

  • Non-stick grilling surface for easier cooking

  • Cool-touch handles and base for added safety

  • Combination grill and griddle with griddle lid

  • Water pan for smokeless grilling

  • Easy to clean

  • 1-year warranty

Sanyo Indoor Grill Price

Sanyo SG4 Indoor Grill Full Review

Quick And Easy Assembly

This Sanyo indoor barbeque grill is basically ready to go right out of the box. You'll only need a Phillips screwdriver on hand to screw the lid handle onto the griddle lid. Then, set the grill onto the grill base, place the drip pan underneath and fill with water, plug in the heating element to your electrical outlet... and in less than 5 minutes you're ready to start cooking some mouth watering foods. Nothing complicated at all here.

One quick tip; even with a non-stick grill, be sure to spray it with a cooking spray the first time around to be on the safe side. 

Powerful 1300-Watt Heating Element

The heating element in this indoor cooking grill is a big 1300 watts, which is powerful enough to heat up to 425 degrees. I like the size because you can really heat up the grill for cooking specific types of foods that need that extra bit of heat to make them turn out the way you want them to.

The heating element is built into the bottom of the grill's surface and does a very good job of heating evenly across the entire surface. You don't get the hot or cold spots as you can in some grills and griddles.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The temperature control is fully adjustable and laid out in easy to read increments. From 200 - 425 degrees you can easily see the settings and adjust them to your desired level. There's also an indicator light that lights up when your desired temperature has been reached. It eliminates having to 'guess' as to when the grill is ready. 

Large 12 x 17 Inch Cooking Surface (200 sq. in.)

The 12x17 inch grill surface is big enough for cooking dinner for the entire family. Or at least a family of 4 anyway. 200 square inches holds a lot of meat, chicken, vegetables and other foods. The convenience of being able to cook all of your foods at once can't be understated if you have a busy, and hungry, family as we do.

Sanyo Indoor Grill

Non-Stick Grilling Surface For Easier Cooking

Grilling on a non-stick surface is the only way to go, and that is what you'll find on this Sanyo grill. Foods don't stick when you're turning them over, and cleanup is made easy when all you need to do is wash it off with a dish rag.

One quick note is that Sanyo includes some nice grilling tips and recipe guide in the users manual. You'll get recipes from hand-rubbed steak to grilled salmon with herbs and many more. It might give you some ideas for other tasty meals for the family. 

Cool-Touch Handles And Base For Added Safety

Sanyo includes some nice safety features in providing cool-touch handles and base. Many manufacturers have the cool-touch handles, but fail to provide a cool-touch base. So what happens when you need to move the grill on your countertop for some reason? You have to use a towel or something else to avoid getting burned. But the easy solution is to simply include a cool-touch base and make it easy for everyone. Sanyo did just that with this model.

Combination Grill And Griddle

The grilling surface with the Sanyo HPS-SG4 Indoor Barbeque Grill is both a combination grill and griddle. You have 2/3 grill and 1/3 griddle.

The griddle side also includes a griddle lid so that you can cover up foods with ease. This is a nice feature they've included and very useful when cooking breakfast foods, onions, and so many other foods.

Water/Drip Pan For Smokeless Grilling

Sanyo has virtually eliminated the problem that many indoor grills have... smoke. The water pan takes in the smoke and eliminates it in a way that has to be seen to understand. I don't know how they do it so well, but they do.

Easy To Clean

Another nice aspect with this indoor barbeque grill is how easy it is to clean. The grilling top is dishwasher safe if you want to put it in your machine. But even without a dishwasher the non-stick surface is easy to clean. Also, the water/drip pan is dishwasher safe.

1-Year Warranty

Like most manufacturers, Sanyo provides a full one-year warranty on the HPS-SG4 grill. 

Summary of Reviews

This Sanyo HPS-SG4 surprised us in how well it works. You may not think of Sanyo when it comes to indoor grilling since electronics is more their specialty, but they have built a very nice product here.

I really like the 1300 watt heating element to go along with the combination grill/griddle surface. Smoke was nearly non-existent when using this grill for hamburgers, steaks and other foods.

Reviews on Amazon have been great. It has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating and user comments have mentioned things such as how well it grills foods and leaves them juicy and not dry. Others have mentioned how big the grill surface it and how easy it is to clean afterwards.

"I am really enjoying my grill. The food is moist. And the cooking time is fast. The item is easy to clean. I would recommend this grill to anyone." Pamela K.

"I bought this grill a few months ago and absolutely love it. It is huge! I have made eggs with sausage on it...they came out perfect. And, the other day I grilled chicken breast on it...they came out perfect, too. It is surprisingly smoke free and very easy to clean up..." Norman C.

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The Sanyo HPS-SG4 is an excellent indoor grill that makes some great tasting foods. We give it a 5 star rating and highly recommend it for any home.     

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