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Review: Sanyo HPS-SG3 200-Square-Inch Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Indoor Barbeque Grill

I host parties for family and friends quite often. Whenever I get a big group together, I like to prepare some good food for everyone. There are a few kitchen gadgets that I like to use, but it seems like nothing can compare to my grill. A few months ago I purchased an indoor grill - I knew that it would be much more convenient to prepare my food inside. Plus, I could grill all year round in the comfort of my kitchen. I plugged it in, put on some steak and was surprised to see my entire house fill with smoke.

As I stood on a chair to disable my smoke detector, I came to the conclusion that there must be a better indoor grill on the market.

So, I started to do my homework. I hopped online and started looking at all kinds of consumer websites and retail websites. Naturally, there are dozens of different indoor grill models - ranging in quality and price. However, I eventually found one that is very dependable and has a price tag that sits well with me. It is called the Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill. It allows me to cook indoors for the entire family. And the best part? There is no smoke!

What Should You Look For In A Good Indoor Grill?

While I was researching and looking at a lot of different electric grills, I narrowed down a few characteristics that I wanted to have:

- Smokeless grilling
- A large grilling surface
- Safety features
- A powerful heating element

While I was researching the Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill, I found out that it has all of these characteristics.

Sanyo Indoor Grill HPS-SG3 Features And Specs

  • Large 200 square inch grilling surface
  • 1300 watts of heating power
  • Adjustable thermostat control up to 425 degrees
  • Grill plates have non-stick cooking surface
  • Cool touch handles and base for added safety
  • Water drip pan for smoke free cooking and catching run-offs
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Instruction manual and handy recipe guide included
  • Weight 9 pounds
  • Measures 23-5/8 by 3-7/8 by 14-1/2 inches
  • One year warranty 

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Why Smokeless Grilling Is So Important

If you have used an indoor grill before, then you understand how convenient they are. They allow you to create grilled masterpieces without ever having to step outside. But the biggest problem with bringing your grill indoors is smoke! Many electric grills often create a large amount of smoke. It's hard to make great-tasting food when you are worried about your smoke detectors going off.

Sanyo has figured out a way to allow you to grill in your kitchen with no smoke. All you need to do is cover the grilling surface with cooking spray and drop 1/2 cup of water into the pan below the heating element. If you follow these two simple rules, then you will be able to grill in your kitchen without ever having to worry about smoke. There are not that many smokeless indoor grills, and the Sanyo HPS-SG3 is by far the lowest in cost.

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Indoor Grill

The Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Grill Has A Large Grilling Surface

Another problem that you may have noticed with other indoor grills is their smalle size. There is no use in buying an electric grill if you can only make one or two hamburgers at a time. The Sanyo indoor grill HPS-SG3 solves that problem with its large grilling surface.

The surface is 200 square inches, which gives you enough room to grill several pounds of steak, a few burger patties, and even some vegetables - all at the same time. I have read customer reviews touting that the grill can prepare a meal for an entire family all at once.

Another great thing about the grilling surface is that it allows fat to drip away. If you have prepared meat in your oven or even on the stove, then you have surely noticed how much fat soaks into the meat before you eat it. Since the surface of the Sanyo HPS-SG3 is set up just like your grill outside, most of the fat and oil will drip away into the convenient drip pan. When you are finished, you can simply rinse off the drip pan and throw it in the dishwasher.

A Few Important Safety Features

Even though the price of this model is modest, they do not skip out on safety features. The best feature, in my opinion, are the handles that stay cool to the touch when you are grilling. That means that you do not have to throw on hot pads if you need to move the hot grill.

Something else that I consider a safety feature is the thermostat. In order for your food to be prepared properly and safely, it needs to be cooked at the right temperature. To set the temperature on this grill, you just adjust the thermostat dial and wait for the green indicator light to tell you that it is at the proper temperature.

A Powerful Heating Element

The Sanyo HPS-SG3 indoor grill has a 1300 Watt heating element. This is enough power to grill your food to temperatures of more than 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Like I mentioned before, the heating element is controlled very easily - by simply adjusting the thermostat dial. There is no guessing involved.

Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Grill

What About A Warranty?

Sanyo gives you peace of mind by covering this grill with a full one-year warranty on craftsmanship and material defects.

Are There Any Complaints About The Grill?

While I was researching, I read tons of consumer reviews. Almost all of them were extremely positive, but I did find a few people who said that the grill produced a small amount of smoke when they used it. I found that many of these people were grilling lamb (one of the greasiest meats there is). After reading through a few more reviews, I found a simple solution: when you are cooking lamb, simply spray some cooking oil on the meat before you begin to grill it. It will eliminate the issue entirely. This is also what the instruction manual tells you to do in order to avoid creating smoke.

What Are Real Users Saying About This Sanyo Indoor Grill?

It is very easy to find out what people are saying about this grill. Sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and others are full of reviews from owners who love this grill. It carries a 4.4 star rating with more than 410 reviews on Here are some of the comments that I found...

- "The grill really gives you delicious BBQ food!"

- "Great grill, great price"

- "The food cooks perfectly"


- "All in all, I'm tickled with this purchase and the low price makes it's just that much sweeter. I highly recommend."

- "I am very impressed with this neat little grill."

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Where Can You Get This Sanyo Electric Grill?

Don't just go out and buy any indoor grill like I did at first. If you can see the benefits of having the ability to make barbecue quality food from the comfort of your kitchen, then you need to get a high quality indoor grill, and this Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill makes a good choice.

I have done a lot of research into this product and have found that offers it at an extremely low price. In fact, Amazon is offering this product at a huge discount right now. Even better is the fact that you can also have it shipped to you for free with Free Super Saver Shipping, so I don't know why you would go anywhere else.


Whether you entertain guests or you just want a great way to prepare food for your family, the Sanyo HPS-SG3 Electric Indoor Barbeque Grill is a very nice solution. You can prepare perfectly grilled food all year round from the comfort of your own kitchen, without the smoke and without the hassles. I highly recommend it.

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