Indoor Grills - The Pros And Cons

It is hard to beat the tastes of foods coming off the grill at home. The wonderful aroma and juicy flavors make you hungry just thinking about it. But what about indoor grills? Are they worth having in the kitchen, and will foods come out tasting as good? With this in mind, here's a look at the various pros and cons of indoor grills to help you make a better decision if one is right for you or not.

Indoor Grill Pros


Using an indoor electric grill is very convenient. You are not having to be concerned with the weather, whether it is rain, the heat or those pesky bugs. Instead, you are nice and comfortable in your own kitchen.

Simple And Quick

When you are preparing to use the outdoor grill, you have a lot of prep time, especially if you are using a charcoal grill. You have to clean the old coals out, add new ones, pour on the lighter fluid and then wait for the coals to get ready. That takes quite a bit of time to say the least.

Compare that to how quick it is to simply plug in your indoor grill and wait a few minutes for it to heat up and grill your food.

No Smoke

Cooking on a charcoal grill means you are going to get into smoke. From the time you light the fire to the time you take off the foods, smoke is going to be with you constantly, leaving you smelling like it for the rest of the day. Smokeless indoor grills and contact grills eliminate this issue.

A Controlled Mess

As I mentioned above, cooking outside means prepping the grill and getting rid of the old coals and ashes, as well as having to clean the grates and getting dirty. Indoor grills can avoid this mess. Yes, you will end up with some grease on the grill, but it is really a controlled mess. Cleaning up an electric grill is usually nothing compared to cleaning a traditional BBQ

Better Heat Distribution

Controlling the heat on a charcoal grill is virtually impossible. With a good indoor grill you will have fully adjustable thermostats that allow you to control the heat from a warming setting to up to 450 degrees. This means you can grill foods as they were designed to be cooked. Sear steaks like you enjoy, or grill your favorite vegetables without burning them.

Indoor Grills Are Multi-Functional

One of the best pros to using electric indoor grills is their functionality. With a grill like the Cuisinart Griddler, you can use it in five different ways. Fold it out to get 200 square inches of grill space, which is enough for creating an entire meal for the family. Or turn the grill plates over and have a full griddle. Next, use it as a half grill, half griddle for more cooking options. Make great sandwiches for the family with its panini press function, or simply use it as a full contact grill.

This kind of versatility saves you money on other appliances, as well as letting you do so many more things with only one grill. Other models can be used as roasters, indoor smokers and even as hot dog grills.

Indoor Grill Recipes

Remove any thoughts of grilling the same old foods by using indoor grill recipes. The truth is, there are an endless number of recipes that you can use with an indoor grill that you and your entire family will enjoy. Many of these great tasting recipes are impossible to make on an outdoor grill

Indoor Grill Cons


As much as I love indoor grills, it is tough to match the atmosphere that outdoor grilling can bring at times. Having the family sitting out on the patio or by the pool as you are grilling up hamburgers, chicken or steaks can be a lot of fun at certain times. Of course, that is if the bugs are not around and the weather is cooperating.

No Fire

For guys, and many ladies as well, cooking outside with a fire can be fun. It is hard to explain, but getting the coals lit and doing it just right is something we enjoy doing. Kind of like a challenge I guess.

Smokey Flavors

Depending on the type and model of indoor grill you purchase, they will not compare to the smoky flavors you get with the outdoor grill. Yes, I know you can use a touch of Liquid Smoke to help, but it is tough to get the flavors that your meats get when grilled outdoors with hickory or mesquite wood chips on the fire.


This may not be an issue with 95% of people, but if you are entertaining a large group of friends or family, having a large outdoor grill is a big plus. You obviously can not get a 500 square inch indoor grill like you can outdoors. You would not have a place to store it in your kitchen among other things.

Overall, I think you can see that there are a lot of pluses to having a multi use indoor grill. The key is finding the model that best fits your needs. Use our indoor grill reviews to help you select the best model.

If you want to start grilling inside your home, we have some high quality indoor grill reviews to help you decide which model is best suited for your needs