How Can I Clean The Leftover Cheese Off My Panini Press?

Having a panini press to create all sorts of sandwiches with your favorite ingredients is great, but what about cleaning up the mess left behind on the grill later on? The different cheeses all have a way of running over and sticking to the grill surface.

If you find yourself faced with this type of dilemma, you can try a couple of things to clean it off quickly. The first one is to warm the panini press up to where the cheese will wipe off much easier. Just don't get it too hot to where you can get burned.

Another tip is to use an old rag, or even several paper towels bunched together, and squish them down into each of the grill's grooves to get the food off. Be sure you do not use a fork or something that is metal to push the rag across the surface. It will damage the grill coating real quick.

I've read where others have used baking soda and vinegar to get them clean, but I've personally never had to do anything other than use wet paper towels or a sponge.