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Hot Plates

The many different uses for hot plates have made these small kitchen appliances a huge hit over the years. A hot plate is ideal for:

  • College students in dorm rooms
  • Singles living in small apartments or flats
  • Boats
  • Travel trailers and campers
  • Large family gatherings where you have lots of food to keep warm

These are just a few of their many uses. An electric hot plate will come with a single or double burner, so you'll have options to choose from. It simply comes down to what you will be using it for and what you like best.

Heating time with these hot plates is very quick. Once you plug it in you can be ready to heat foods in only a couple of minutes. Most models include fully adjustable heating controls for each side. I would look for models that have a minimum of 900 watts of power. I like to have double burner hot plates with at least 1300 watts because of the added usage.

You can check out our reviews on electric hot plates to find one that best suits all of your needs.


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