Dimplex Metro PBQ-120-METRO Tabletop Grill Review

Dimplex Metro Tabletop Grill

Finding an electric grill that heats up to temperatures over 500 degrees, let alone 650 degrees, can be quite a challenge for sure. But the Dimplex PBQ-120-METRO Tabletop Grill does just that and much more.

When I first looked at this table top grill I was pleasantly surprised with not only the grilling heat that it provides for easily doing things such as searing steaks, but also the larger size of the grill surface itself. This model will cook for up to six people with room to spare.

Why an electric grill?

I like the convenience and the no mess design of this type of grill. There are no gas tanks to have to hook up and later refill, or igniters that go bad. There is no messy and smoky charcoal to have to deal with. In just a few short minutes you're ready to start barbequing.

What's So Nice About The Dimplex Metro Tabletop Barbeque Grill?

When I go to cook on an electric tabletop grill, I look for certain features to make cooking much easier. Areas like:

So, does this Dimplex PBQ-120 Metro meet these expectations?

Dimplex Tabletop Grill Features And Specs

High Heating Power

This is arguably one of the nicest benefits of owning this grill. I love to grill steaks for our family or for guests we have over to the house at times. Searing in all the flavors is something that can be next to impossible with many electric grills. The Dimplex grill will heat the top grill portion to 650 degrees. That is more than enough heating power to grill the perfect steak.

The EvenSear dual elements technology that is contained within the grill provide for even heat distribution over the entire grill. This means you will never have those 'cold spots' where foods may not cook as evenly. This assures you of thoroughly grilled foods that come off looking and tasting great.

One-Touch Heat Control

No one likes an appliance that is complicated to use, and this model from Dimplex is as simple to operate as it gets. A convenient one-touch control allows you to select the temperatures you need for the foods you are cooking.

The Bigger The Better On Grilling Surfaces

Having a grill surface that is big enough to cook everything at once is extremely important. You don't want to have to cook one batch of food, and then wait while you have to cook a second round so that everyone can eat at the same time.

The grill surface on the Dimplex electric barbeque grill is a full 216 sq. inches, which is enough to cook for 6 people.

Drip Pan

Keeping this grill clean is very easy with the large removable drip pan that comes with it. Simply slide it out to clean and you're set.

Apartment And Condo Friendly

Many apartments and condos ban gas or charcoal grills, but you will not have that issue with this Dimplex electric grill. Even better is the fact that you can easily set it up on a balcony if you like. The design is such that it is very user friendly in all types of settings. You can set it up on a picnic table, campsites that have electricity, and many other places as well.

What About A Warranty?

Dimplex stands behind the Metro PBQ-120 grill with a full one-year warranty to give you protection for materials and workmanship.

Are There Any Complaints?

When you look at all of the various user comments on this model you'll find very few complaints. Of course, no product is without a complaint here and there. We did find one user comment on the fact it takes a bit longer for the grill to cool off to clean. But that is to expected when you have a grill that reaches temps up to 650 degrees.

What Are Users Saying About The Dimplex PBQ-120 Grill?

Looking over other actual customer reviews is something I always do when buying virtually any appliance or product today. I want to know what others have experienced in using it to help me with making a better decision. The reviews on this grill have been excellent. On Amazon.com, the grill has a full 5-star rating which is rare to find with any product. Here are a few of the comments users have left:

Where Can I Find This Electric Grill?

Finding this grill in retail stores can be difficult. After doing a lot of research, your best bet is to go to Amazon.com which has it in stock and also at a low price.

Final Words

After researching this grill and seeing all of the user comments and reviews as well, it is easy to see why this grill is so popular and rated so highly. It does what it says it will do, and it does it quite well. We recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use electric tabletop barbeque grill.

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