Delonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill Review

Delonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill

Making great tasting panini sandwiches on a contact grill can often be messy, not to mention that they often do not turn out all that great, but those days are behind you with a grill like the Delonghi CGH800-U Retro Panini Grill. With its adjustable hinges you can quickly press any size of sandwich that you would like to create.

The retro look finish looks nice, and the non-stick finish makes for easy cleanup, but it is what this panini press does that makes the real difference. You'll find 1500 watts of heating power that is fully adjustable. Sandwiches are not the only thing you can cook on this grill. Use the plates to cook all types of meats, fish and other vegetables for meals your family will enjoy.

Price Range

We've seen the Delonghi panini grill range in price from a low of around $50, to upwards of $100+.

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Who Is The Delonghi Panini Grill For?

Delonghi has designed the CGH800 panini grill for everyone who likes to enjoy the great taste of grilled panini sandwiches right in their home. They've also designed it for many other foods as well.




The Delonghi CGH800-U Panini Grill comes with a full one-year limited warranty for materials and workmanship in the even something were to go wrong.


Reviews for this Delonghi Panini Grill have been very good. Sites such as and others allow you to immediately see how they feel about this appliance. Here's a small sample from over 170 review comments on Amazon alone:

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Where Can You Find This Delonghi Panini Press Grill?

This Delonghi panini press grill can be difficult to find in retail stores. We have found it online at several outlets. continues to offer this grill at a steep discount. At the moment they also have Free Super Saver Shipping, which makes for a good deal.

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