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Grill Foreman Style - The Electric Grill George Foreman Built

Indoor grills are more popular today than ever before, as people look for easier and faster ways of cooking their favorite foods without the hassle. That's why George Foreman grills have become so popular - it seems like everyone wants to grill Foreman style. Indoor Grill Reviews will help you in this regard by bringing you helpful information and reviews on not only all the best indoor grills and top indoor grill accessories, but also with our special section on the grill George Foreman built.

Before looking for any electric grill it is important to understand the types of indoor grills you can choose from. Our Buyers Guide goes into great detail on this subject.

Sanyo Barbeque Grill

Open Grill - This is basically just like your outdoor barbeque grill with the exception of the smoke. You have an open grilling surface that can be both ribbed on one side, and flat like a griddle on the other.

These small appliances use a heating element to heat the electric grill and make for cooking foods the same as you would on an outdoor grill. You will find models like popular George Foreman grills, or others from makers like Sanyo, West Bend, Delonghi and many other manufacturers that work very well. There is also another style called a raclette electric grill that you can check out on our site.

Smoke can sometimes be virtually eliminated by the use of a water filled drip pan. It catches the drained fats and prevents the smoke from filling your kitchen.

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Breville Smart Grill

Folding Contact Grill - The second type of electric indoor grill are the folding contact grills. This would include models like George Foreman grills and Cuisinart Griddler that you see all the time. The lid closes and cooks the top surfaces of your food at the same time. This means that your food is prepared in about half the time using this type of grill. The grill George Foreman makes is popular because his products utilize this design in addition to a special sloped surface that allows fat to run off of your food.

Interested in George Foreman grills? We have a special section to help you grill Foreman style.

As an indoor grill goes, both of these styles work well and make a great addition to any kitchen. Many prefer the unique ability to grill year round inside their home, while others enjoy the quick and easy cooking of a folding contact grill.

Regardless of the type of electric grill you are looking for you can use our site to compare details and indoor grill reviews on them in order to find the best indoor grill for your needs.